Solar Eclipse

As you may know, a solar eclipse will occur on Monday, April 8 and will not take place again until August 2044. Our aim is to provide students, staff, and families the opportunity to experience this rare, historical event while minimizing the impact to the normal school day. We have made adjustments to best accommodate viewing of the eclipse during its peak at approximately 3:22 PM.


Elementary and intermediate school dismissal times will remain the same. However, the middle school and high school will dismiss 30-minutes* early in order to avoid having students walking or driving home during the peak time of the eclipse if desired. Specific dismissal times for April 8 are listed below:

• High School - 2:30 PM*

• Middle School - 2:25 PM*

• Intermediate School - 3:45 PM

• Elementary Schools - 3:40 PM

Safety Precautions

Safety glasses have been purchased for all EASD students and staff and will be distributed on Monday, April 8, along with specific directions and safety information about viewing the eclipse.

At the elementary and intermediate schools, observation opportunities will be coordinated by school principals and staff. Additionally, safety procedures - including the use of safety glasses - will be emphasized and followed.


We realize that some parents/guardians may not want their child to observe the solar eclipse, which we will gladly accommodate. Simply complete this online form by Wednesday, April 3 to indicate that your child should not participate, and select whether they should remain indoors to participate in other supervised activities or will be picked up early by an approved adult. An excused absence will be granted for any student being dismissed early for this reason.

Thank you for your continued cooperation, flexibility, and support. As always, please feel free to contact your school principal with any questions or concerns.