Health Services

Ephrata Area School District School Nurses Believe:

  • Every child has the right to a healthy and secure learning environment to reach their full potential

  • Every child has the right to a healthy learning environment that permits maximum academic  growth.

  • Parents/guardians have full responsibility for the health of their children. School nurses are available to collaborate with parents and guardians in coordinating health services while in school.

  • Conducting school health screenings and providing health education provides knowledge and understanding to promote a healthy lifestyle for students, families, and the school community.

  • In alignment with the Life Ready Graduate Profile, the school nurses recognize the importance of providing all learners with a healthy learning environment that sets them on a path to reach their full potential in life, regardless of the direction they head after graduation.

Attention Parents/Guardians:

School nurses do not have the ability to diagnose medical conditions but provide supportive measures through standing order medications, basic first aid, and collaboration. Injuries that occur outside of school are the responsibility of the parents, however if your child becomes injured or ill in school, the nurse is available to handle those types of situations. Students who become ill or injured at school should report to the nurse’s office for evaluation. Students are not permitted to call home from a cell to be picked up by parents. Also, please keep your school nurse up to date on changes to your child’s medical conditions and history.

Please do not send your student to school ill! Please refer to our GUIDELINES or student handbook for when students need to stay home and when they can return to school after an illness.