Translating Pages

To support students and families whose primary language is not English, we provide multilingual translations.

translation menu image

  • The top of every webpage within our website has a translation feature. At any time, a user can click on the dropdown menu to select a language. The entire website will be translated into that language. To view the site again in English, simply select English from the dropdown menu.

  • For communication that is not on our website, we recommend using Google Translate located HERE ( On this site, you can copy and paste the text you want to have translated or can cut and paste the entire document (PDF, Word, etc.).  This is very helpful for any attachments and letters we may send that have not been translated into your language of choice.

  • The District is able to deliver phone calls and email messages in many different languages. If you would like to receive communication from the District in a language other than English, please contact the office staff in the building your child attends.