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Business Office

Finance and Budget Information

The District financial operations, including the day to day operations as well as budget preparation and management, are administered through the Business Office.  The Business Office also supports the financial oversight for the Ephrata Area School Employees Benefit Trust.

The Budget and Finance Committee meets monthly; dates and times are posted on 2014-2015 Schedule of Meetings; minutes of committee meetings are posted on Board Minutes.

2014-2015 EASD Final Budget

The Budget

The Budget process timeline for the next fiscal period (July 1 to June 30) is legislated by Act 1 of 2006, signed into law by Governor Tom Corbett. For more information on Act 1 legislation, please visit the PDE website, http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/property_tax_relief/7452.

Act 1 legislation provides an Act 1 Index which is used to determine the maximum tax increases for each tax the school district levies.  Districts are prohibited from increasing their tax millage rate by more than the Index unless the Department of Education has approved exceptions submitted by the district, or voters have approved the increase by referendum.

The District Act 1 Index for 2015-2016 - 2.3%

The District Act 1 Index for 2014-2015 - 2.6%
The District Act 1 Index for 2013-2014 - 2.1%

Act 1 provisions include a mandate that school boards adopt a Preliminary Budget Proposal at least 90 days before the Primary Election scheduled in May or adopt an opt-out resolution. On November 17, 2014, the District Board of Education approved an Accelerated Budget Opt-Out Resolution certifying a tax rate within the inflation index that required millage not to increase above the Act 1 Index. 

On May 12, 2014 the District Board of Education adopted the 2014-2015 Proposed Final Budget with no tax increase; the millage rate will remain 19.6 mils.

On June 16, 2014 the District Board of Education adopted the 2014-2015 Final Budget. The Final Budget is available for public inspection at the District Administrative Office, 803 Oak Boulevard, Ephrata, PA.         

Budget and Millage rate for 2012-2013 – 19.41

Budget and Millage rate for 2013-2014 – 19.60

Budget and Millage rate for 2014-2015 – 19.60


At the end of each fiscal year, the financial records and operations of the year just completed are audited by an independent auditing firm. The auditors provide opinion regarding the District conformity with generally accepted accounting principles and assurance about whether financial statements are free from misstatement.

Annual Financial Report for 2013-2014

Annual Financial Report for 2012-2013

Annual Financial Report for 2011-2012


Audited Financial Statements for 2013-2014
Audited Financial Statements for 2012-2013
Audited Financial Statements for 2011-2012